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Aquaponic system cheapish

Mines working, I have an old stock tank and a friend that welds made me too boxes I filled mostly with pea gravel. Drilled a hole in each box to put a pvc drain pipe into and ran the pump up into a T into both beds ran the pipe around the beds have odd sizes not glued to change as the water needs of what I have planted changes. I grow Tilapia with a couple of 300 watt fish tank heaters and surrounded my tank with Styrofoam from a new frig. I have strawberries in ABS towers with holes drilled on the sides and grow peppers, lettuce, basil, egg plant, tomatoes, cuckes stuff hanging over. Did better and produced faster than my in the ground garden early on, but not as well in the mid summer heat. By then my other stuff is going nuts so I don't care. I can pull tomatoes and such out of there early and late, keep greens growing year round. I am a garden addict, it is pretty bad. I have a 55 gal aquarium in my office with a male and 5 females for breeders and a 10 gal in the laundry room for babies until I slaughter the ones in the trough to replace them with. It has not been cost effective really like most of my garden and orchard etc. yet. I grow a lot of everything. Back when Revolution Broadcasting was still going I did a show on extending gardening season and medical herb plants and medicines. I really miss having a radio show

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