Comment: 60 watt bulbs also

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60 watt bulbs also

The 60 watt incandescent bulbs are being "banned" in 2014 also. The 100 watt incandescent bulbs will be "banned" in 2015.

Sure the compact fluorescent lightbulbs save a bit of energy, but I don't like the type of light they emit, and the fact that they typically contain five milligrams of mecury.

While that isn't all that much, it is still mecury. The problem comes when a bulb breaks. Mercury escapes as vapor that can be inhaled and as a fine powder that can settle into carpet and other textiles. Cleanup has to be done carefully and then you should dispose of it at a proper disposal site, where ever in the hell that is.

Whats next? This is getting to be too much nowdays.