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"There's more than enough archeology and historical records to address each of the issues you raised, externally from the Bible"

No - there is no archeology or historical records at all. If you have some, please release them. You would be a millionaire! That is always the response I get, but no one ever knows what the evidence is. Some try the Josephus angle, but it has been proven to be a forgery decades ago.

I will say: "there is no evidence of Jesus' existence". The response: "there are many Roman records and archeological finds". Me: "Where are they? I've never seen or heard about them". The response: "There are many, I don't know where but the experts know".

The same goes for the Jews in Egypt, etc... There is some interesting archeology happening concerning a real King David, but contrary to the Bible, it is a small and primitive city. And, you are still obsessed with this Tyre thing. I don't care, it is inconsequential considering the hundreds of other predictions.

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