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Nope, you're off base here

They were wealthy before A&E contracted with them. They not only made duck calls, but they also have a hunting show with Willie.

And let me tell you, they aren't the best actors. I'm sure they get direction on the set for some of it, just cause they aren't actors. I would need "direction" to help my "reality" show make it run smoother, if I had such a show.

I can see some of it is "staged", but it is actually things they do discuss or do.

Like the boys playing basketball in the warehouse. Yeah, they probably do "goof" around playing in the warehouse, but they are just "replaying" it for TV and need some direction to make it funny and credible. It is staged.

How about the time they blew up a duck blind because of snakes in it, since it hadn't been used for a while?

All staged. They knew they had that old duck blind, checked it out and it had snakes in it. What a perfect opportunity to make a show around it.

And the one with Si getting a poodle for hunting ducks!? Hilarious! Wonder who came up with that idea?

We rarely watch TV, but that is one of the cleanest shows we allow ourselves to watch.

Yeah, they're paid, but they aren't professional actors. They don't need the show, it was just something to do for now. Phil didn't see the show going on forever.

Actually, now that I think about it, it is a pleasant distraction from being serious about all the crap that's going on politically.