Comment: I'm a heterosexual libertarian and not anti-gay...

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I'm a heterosexual libertarian and not anti-gay...

Only bisexuals can choose to be gay. Only people that can fantasize being with BOTH sexes can choose to be gay.

Anyone that thinks it's a choice are obviously bisexual and believes that everyone is sexually aroused when they sees attractive members of the same sex.

A true heterosexual knows banks don't have enough money or bitcoins in the world to pay them to have sex with someone of the same sex.

The other thing I don't understand is why people cherry-pick the old testament on what is sinful. You don't hear them preaching about the evils of shellfish or barbecue.

Besides, Jesus already paid the price for our sins so let's just make laws that prevent others from hurting one another. By hurt, I mean physically or their property or dog, not words that hurt their pride which God detest. Government has no business being in the marriage business to begin with.

Why do heterosexuals worry about homosexuals? I fantasize of being the only male heterosexual on earth and it is my job to sustain mankind. God, please, my only prayer, I'll never ask for anything else.

Phil has the right to speak his mind and people have the right to disagree but if you think being gay is a choice, you're definitely bisexual...not that there is anything wrong with that, Phil.