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What Libertarian Republican are you going to support in...


I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. I'm registered as unaffiliated so I could choose any party in the primaries.

Although, I voted for GJ when RP was railroaded at the convention. Who did you vote for? Romney? Didn't vote?

GJ wasn't the perfect candidate but I thought if he got high enough numbers, the GOP would be forced to recognize they're bleeding members and recognize they need to compromise on their Neoconic, crony capitalistic, theocratic philosophy. I mean really, my choices were Romneycare, Obamacare, I don't care or Gary Johnson.

Who did you say you voted for?

Obviously, that didn't happen because Libertarian Republicans thought it better to not vote when Paul wasn't on the ballots. So the real numbers of dis-satisfaction were never officially recorded and the media had no story to light a fire and the GOP kings got the impression they need to change nothing but figure out how to motivate lazy Republicans to drive to the polls.

Honestly, 2016, the GOP kings will figure Obama was so bad that many who skipped last election will certainly rush to the polls to vote for whatever Neocon, fiscal-moderate, big government, pro-NSA, corporate-crony candidate THEY decide to be the nominee over Benghazi-lying Hillary and Bill.

I've chosen my political philosophy and you and I agree. Where we disagree is how to change the sleeping majority. You feel it's best from within the Republican party. I feel it's best by leaving the party. I was a Republican for 8 years before switching to Libertarian.

Change comes like everything in life. Only after you lose something you value. As long as the GOP knows you're Republican, they figure whoever they decide to force upon you, they'll have your support over the Democrat nominee.

If the awaken could muster the courage to vote Libertarian one or two elections, the numbers would be high enough to send a message LOUD AND CLEAR otherwise the GOP kings view you the same as Log Cabin Republicans, they detest you but as long as they have your vote, they ain't changin'.

To each their own, that's liberty. More power to your efforts but will you vote for Newt, Huckabee, Guliani, Santorum, Ryan or Christie if one of them is anointed to be the Republican nominee?

Yeah, you're hoping it will be Rand Paul and I'll vote for him in the primaries but the GOP kings will use him as a honey-trap for Libertarian Republicans until the last minute, then expect your vote while Libertarian Republicans sit it out, again.

The Libertarian candidate will be ignored and nothing will change.

Besides, how is converting the insignificant, minuscule, small-flocked libertarians going to change the GOP?