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I'll watch, thanks.

I'll watch, thanks.

Edit: Watched. He's quoting Paul to the Romans. Neither the homeless vet in fatigues, nor the apostle Paul, was making any general statement about homosexuals in the quote.

The video starts with the costumed gentleman already speaking and it is not clear who he is referring to. It sounds to me he's making a general statement about the moral level of American culture today, and not referring to homosexuals specifically.

Despite considering myself very well read, I had avoided delving into the New Testament until recently, considering it a waste of time and being a committed atheist. So I won't fault you for not recognizing the passage. But I will say that if you cared enough to impugn the bearded fool, you ought to have taken the time to know the context of the passage. Then you would know that both Paul and this cartoon like person were referring to a broad moral landscape, in which sexual morality was one among many supposed sins.

It's just standard Pauline doctrine, common to all major confessions that accept the epistles as canon, and is not at all a statement attributing those other sins to everyone who indulges in homosexuality.

You are simply mistaken.