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Comment: bonobos practice pedophilia!

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bonobos practice pedophilia!

I freaked when I saw that bonobo book on the list. Is that the next thing we're going to be pressed to accept as 'normal'?
I watched a nature program on bonobos and it said they were fiercely sexually driven in the morning. The little ones would huddle all together, scared, knowing what fate was about to befall them. I watched a male approach the group and they began screaming and were desperately clinging to each other. One poor thing was wrenched away from the others and the rape began, all the while the poor little thing was screaming and crying.
That was all I could watch. I was sickened! SICKENED! Don't try to convince me I'm anything like that brutal, deviant species.
I am a human being, capable of thought and determined to be as non-violent as possible. But when something I disagree with is being forced upon me, or when the obnoxious idea that God created someone 'gay', which utterly destroys the idea of self-determination, when we all know it's not in about genes but our minds - even if it's because the mind is being stimulated by chemicals - then I have every right to defend myself.
This argument has morphed into the realm of insanity.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison