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Honestly, I don't know

I joined the GOP in 2011 and got on a committee, which I had to petition for signatures for ballot access, and earn my seat. I was the district leader for Ron Paul's campaign in Mendo, Humbolt, Trinity and Del Norte counties, and we placed third of 58 counties, so I was happy with how well we did, but Romney won CA. So even though I was a Ron Paul national delegate, the Romney delegates went to the convention.

Immediately after the primary, the SOS named Romney as THE GOP nominee. I took this up with the Sec of State because the RNC had not happened, but the CA SOS refused to answer my questions.

Our By-Laws state that I, as a committee person, who is mailed a ballot I must sign the envelope, so there is no privacy.. that I must vote for THE nominee. I had to make a decision. Drop everything to write-in for Ron Paul, or hold onto my seat and vote Romney,, not for Romney, just Romney. I decided to vote Romney because I had petitioned as a Ron Paul Republican and figured the people of my district had me seated because they wanted a Ron Paul Republican on the committee.

Now we have a liberty committee as others have come and I've been able to get them appointed, so it was worth it, because while Ron Paul didn't win (that was my loss- all of ours who worked so hard, made so many sacrifices) the fact that now my county is a Liberty committee, with a solid four of us, and tea party that swings for us.. it worked out locally, which is very important.

Meanwhile, here in CA, the GOP has changed too. The last convention had LIBERTY everywhere, tee shirts, pins, buttons, stickers, books about the constitution. The floor was phat with Ron Paul Republicans, and the regulars (neocons, conservative) were the minority. So they are worried, and that's why they fight us. It's just a metter of time before they're gone and we're in.

Also, as we learn, robert's rules of order, how to write by-laws, inniatives, resolutions, how to form committees for issues and condidates, how to work the floor, suites,, a lot to learn, we continue to advance. I met many former Libertarians. So for me and I think many of us.. we are advancing Libertarian principles in the GOP.

Now what we have to do is vet. My favorite vetter (and I wish we lived near each other and were committee members together) is Proud American First.. he's very good and people should be watching him and taking cues from him, because some folks are now claiming to be "Liberty", but when you vet them.. they are not.

We have much vetting to do. The best part for me is that having worked on two Ron Paul cmapigns, in 08 I was an Indy, I have met many people who worked with me.. so we know each other for a few years now. And it's like being on DP. We don't agree on every issue. We don't all gree with Ron Paul on every issue, but we do agree with the principles that attracted us to the LP in the first place.

I don't know who I will support in the primary because no one has swept me off my feet like Ron Paul. I like Rand, but I don't think he will run. If he does, of course I will support him. If not.. I'll be looking to see who he endorses, and who we vet.

I hope I answered your questions. Committee work is fun when you've got a Liberty committee. It's better than meet-up.