Comment: this all depends on whether the dui is legit or not

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this all depends on whether the dui is legit or not

dashcam video should make it pretty apparent whether she had been drinking or not, and whether they had probable cause to think she had been drinking or if that was just based on her refusing to answer questions... I assume once they took her in they did an actual blood test for the alcohol? if she appears intoxicated in the dashcam video, then the bloodwork should be admissible; if she doesn't, then maybe it shouldn't. hope she's got a good lawyer

drinking and driving is not a victimless crime just because they happen to catch you before you create a victim--it's the same as if you were to start firing off a gun in a crowded area... just because you don't happen to hit anyone, doesn't mean it's a victimless crime... i know the idea of a potential victim can be a slippery slope to police state, but at the basic level of drunk driving it's a totally legitimate point. so IF she was drinking she should own up to it and face the consequences. I had to do that myself when I made the stupid mistake of getting a DUI and I know it's hard to own up to it. I know the motivation to want to do anything you can to get out of the consequences, so I really hope she's not trying to use her liberty philosophy and connections to try to wriggle out of it if she was, in fact, intoxicated... it's something that the best of us might be tempted to in such a situation... honestly, only with the dash cam could we know for certain. good luck to her regardless.