Comment: How about: God yes, but religion no.

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How about: God yes, but religion no.

We don't want a theocracy, that is for sure. Two centuries ago, religions were relatively pure compared to their present state and so were governments. Which of these things happened first: Has the evolving corruption of our government also corrupted numerous religions, or has the evolving corruption of numerous religions also corrupted our government? Even a true religion cannot withstand decades-long permanent changes of laws and people's thinking, so I believe that the government is responsible for corrupting religion in general.

"Getting back to the faith of our Fathers" is now impossible. We cannot go back and recreate our greatness. We can only redact our current morass of unachievable goals and failing infrastructure. The family unit has been destroyed by women's lib and an economy that requires both partners to work. Marriage is penalized and a tax assessed annually. Prayer in schools has long been removed. We are fighting in more unjust wars than ever before. Our moral compass no longer works because moral compasses are not created by popular movements, but in homes where loving parents instill these values in their children.

On second thought, why would we want to drag the Almighty into this mess anymore than He is currently? Starting any kind of a movement involving religion and government would open the door to such a movement being coopted, just like the Tea Party was coopted and now has been rendered useless. The last thing we need in this country is for Americans to be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross, which Sinclair Lewis called fascism. No, let's not go there.