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I understand what you're

I understand what you're saying...but in the biblical account of man's aquisition of notions of morality, man disobeys (which you could perhaps think of as a rudimentary moral decision in so far as man asserted his will against God's authority), and, as a result of that disobedience, his eyes are opened to know good from evil. In other words, through disobedience to God, man becomes a moral agent, morally responsible.
The Bible doesn't say that this awakening to Good/Evil had to be told to us, but that we were opened to it -- eyes open. We knew and therefore became responsible to or for that knowledge.

I don't think the biblical account is dealing in the particulars of what's right and what's even a given issue, but giving us a picture of the foundational notion of right vs. wrong. That's something we have, whether God fearing, flaunting, or uninterested.

It came from God, although he took pains to tell us he didn't want us to have it and was pissed about us getting it.