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You have me all wrong, I do

You have me all wrong, I do not "support/legitimize" the current psychopaths running the show, I am simply cynical about anarchy/voluntarism being anything more than a pipe dream. You can say that associations should be voluntary, however if some other group starts forming a violent gang that threatens to take what is yours, you will be forced to "volunteer" yourself in a defense pact with others, and that will lead to government.

What is a State, other than a large tribe? Everyone is going to be a cool individual that gets along with others? What happens when a dozen guys figure out they can get more stuff with less work if they team up and take from others? The only logical counter balance is for you to team up with a group of people ready to counter with your own violence. Wouldn't it require a full time person or two to lock up criminals? Or do you dispense with due process and kill on the spot?