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Divorce Rate

I believe the government has a lot of responsibility for the divorce rate as a lot of divorce is brought on because of financial woes. When a couple is in financial stress, the stress pousr from one spouse to the other and huge arguments develop. Things are said that are not really meant and once said, cannot be taken back easily. Of course, the couple takes on responsibility also. My wife and I have been married for 29 years and we have been through times of financial disasters, but we try to not let our finances fall over into our poersonal feelings for each other. It is hard sometimes. We are in a financial hardship right now to where we are behind on our bills and are fighting to keep from being evicted. I lost my job and health insurance and trying to start my own busines. It is hard with little to no money, but I keep at it everyday. I know that by working hard it will come and my wife and I just support each other and try not to let the frustrations get to our relationship. I have a wonderful wife! Sorry we got off topic a little here.