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Not a bad riposte. Not

Not a bad riposte. Not accurate, but not bad. So far I've seen nothing from the Duckman that said its a choice or anything about hell.

The truth is for some it is a hardwired thing, how they handle it and live with it is their choice. It shouldn't mean they are forced either to hide it or to conform to the straightjacket of group-identity that the pink mafia imposes.

For others it is not necessarily a hard wired thing, they might just be unsure or on the fence or have competing impulses. There's no shortage of bisexuals and it is largely a cultural thing, there's way more self avowed bisexual young girls than men, and the girls are often pressured into it. Culture plays a big role.

Homosexuals have existed forever. Identity politics and promoting it as an ideology, political agenda, curriculum for 7 year olds, and as a weapon against the beliefs of millions of people is new.

Lots of sexual and other behavior impulses are natural. How people decide to live with them, which to indulge and which to control, is their choice. It is no better to try to force people into a lifestyle they might not otherwise choose than it is to force them to deny it or hide it.

The range of sexual proclivities is huge and the spectrum of masculinity/femininity in any individual varies. Not everyone who ever has a thought, impulse or ambivalence about their sexuality should be encouraged or bullied automatically into adopting a label and lifestyle they might regret, like some rite of passage and gay bar mitzvah.

Some might want to walk and find their own path, some might want to live celibately, some might want to keep their sexuality private, some might want to uphold a lifestyle that doesn't advertise its sexuality and parade around in leather. Some might want to find a mate and helper in life, and father children and have a nuclear family, despite having homosexual impulses.

Do you think their weren't homosexuals all through history and prevalent in the ancient world who also had families did not indulge every passion?

Its not just about promoting tolerance, its about promoting and enforcing a lifestyle of sexual license that not everyone would want to or would adopt otherwise if it wasn't being promoted.

People might have all kinds of sexual appetites which they would choose not to indulge for other reasons, be they religion, moral considerations, discretion, modesty, or desire to have fidelity in marriage with a woman and rear children.

This isn't about tolerance its about an organized, politicized attack on any other lifestyle which recruits everyone who isn't plain vanilla straight into its lifestyle and subculture in a frankly bullying and overbearing way, and leaves them no freedom to find their own way and be individuals. It's just as bad as an enforced closet.

When you want to accuse others, look in the mirror.