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Well you certainly have the drive to make a difference...

and that is great. There's no reason libertarian republicans (that's what I label Ron Paul supporters) and libertarians can't work together to bring about change that we both mostly agree on. You agree with libertarians more than you do GOP neo-cons.

The libertarian party could give a libertarian republican a platform to be on every ballot of every state if he/she isn't elected as the republican nominee.

The republican party could give a libertarian/republican an opportunity to be heard in national debates.

We need to work together in a way to have our cake and eat it too.

You say the libertarian party is defunct but had Ron Paul ran as the libertarian party candidate after not receiving the republican nominee, you would have voted for him.

Even if he didn't win, I'm sure the libertarian party would've had enough votes to get on every state ballot and receive federal funding for 2016 like the republican and democrat party receives and very possible been invited to 2016 national debates.

Since that didn't happen, libertarians have to spend tons of money and collect petitions just to qualify to be on 2016 ballots in every state.

The republican or democratic party never has to worry about this.

Bottom-line, we need to work together and be smart about it. If we don't break the duopoly, nothing changes.

The problem with trying to work within the republican party is their dirty tactics to change party rules on a whim if they see a libertarian republican gaining momentum. Nothing wrong with pushing them as far as we can but once they shut them out, they need to pop-up somewhere that has national recognition.

Can you imagine a libertarian republican that had great momentum and was shut-down by the GOP coming back as the libertarian candidate invited to national debates and neither the republican or democratic party can do anything about it?

We have to play smart, we both know the GOP and Democrats will stoop low as they have to keep a third-party out.

Ron Paul had many independents and democrats that would have voted for him had he been an electable candidate. The republicans made sure that was never going to happen.

Just so you know, I supported Ron Paul in 2012. If he had won the republican nomination, I would have camped-out the night before to be in line to vote for him. In 2008, I wasn't awake as I should have been. I didn't pay anyone attention but when I heard the republicans banned him from a debate, that caught my attention because as libertarian something told me I needed to listen to what they didn't want me to hear and I've been awake since, wide awake.

I had to swallow hard to vote for GJ because for just once in my life, I wanted to vote for an honest man that I knew couldn't be bought and I know I may never have that opportunity again in my lifetime.