Comment: Interest is used for translating neshekh and tarbit.

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Interest is used for translating neshekh and tarbit.

The biblical Hebrew terms for interest are neshekh (Hebrew: נשך‎), literally meaning a bite, and marbit/tarbit (מרבית‎/תרבית), which specifically refers to the gain by the creditor;

'neshekh' referred to fee that is charged by deducting it from the loaned money itself, before the loaned money was handed over to the debtor,

Let's say I asked to borrow $100, you gave me $80 and charged a $20 bite.

However, let's say I rented $100 from you and agreed to pay $20 after the term of the loan.

I take the risk if the loan is collateralize. You take the risk if I can provide no collateral.

Paying interest on interest, bites every time the interest is compounded.

The Michigan Constitution of 1857 prohibited the State from borrowing money for public works projects.

The Constitution of 1908 repealed that prohibition.

Giving governments the authority to borrow effectively thwarts the democratic process in favor of the creditors.

The US Congress is dependent on the creditors, so Congress represents the creditors not the people.

Income taxes pay interest on the Federal Debt. The principle has not been paid down since 1893.

We the people, are between a rock and a hard place. What collatoral did Congress provide our creditors. Should we expect the repo man? Or perhaps, slave labor camps?

The trouble started with the ratifying of the Constitution. The Federal Reserve made a bad situation worse.


End the Fed.
Prohibit government borrowing.
Legalize competing currencies.

Free includes debt-free!