Comment: The facts about this demolition are unbelievable!!!

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The facts about this demolition are unbelievable!!!

Flint building demolition facts found here:
1. This 19-story building surprisingly did not fall symmetrically.
Was it planned that way?

2. WTC 1 & 2 were 5.8 times the height of this building. They did both fall symmetrically without supposedly any help after being hit asymmetrically in two different places. WTC 7 was 2.5 times the height of this building and it also fell symmetrically after asymmetric damage.

3. The Flint building took 15 seconds to fall?
All three WTC buildings fell twice as fast as this building.
quotes from story:

"The 19 stories of the long-vacant, 45-year-old Genesee Towers came down after demolition crews set off 1,000 pounds of explosives around the structure."

"Videos posted by ( ) show about 10 loud blasts going off, followed by the collapse of the building. Dust billowed out from the site of the tower, which came down within 15 seconds."

"I've never seen anything like it," City Councilman Joshua Freeman said after watching the blast.
He's right about that. 9/11 occurred much faster and symmetrically. The demolition team for the Flint Building were amateurs compared to the 9/11 demo team.