Comment: Abortion is the one unresolvable libertarian argument

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Abortion is the one unresolvable libertarian argument

That's because the answer hinges on the answer to the question "when does life begin", "when does the sanctity of life begin" or whatever similar term you'd like to use. Since there are various and divergent views on that answer--by libertarians and non-libertarians alike--there is no consensus answer that libertarianism provides.

Thus, it is foolish and naive for the topic starter to assume that all libertarians swing one way or the other on this issue, because it's simply untrue. And as far as libertarianism being divided goes, it seems to me that we should just call it what it is... An unresolveable issue.

To let one or a few issues of disagreement among a group that agrees on a multitude other things divide and sap power from such a large group is really, really dumb and unnecessary. We can be smarter than that.