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Comment: Made clear in the FEMA report, the corrosion may have been

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Made clear in the FEMA report, the corrosion may have been

occurring prior to the events of 911. Rust? The remains certainly showed considerable rust. Rust reverts to iron at it's boiling point, much lower than that of steel. But here is the key. Every bit of structural remains were inspected, looking for any anomalies. Eutectic corrosion was indeed found in locations of the hottest fires. Two samples of the "swiss cheese" anomalies were found and retained. It was not prevalent. And in all the structural members which were inspected, none were found to have been artificially dismembered, or severed. All structural members showed they were stressed and broke at their connectors. I don't think you grasp the significance of that single fact. The grand jury will be shown photo after photo of broken connections, and not one photo of any artificial dismemberment. They will hear the testimony of hundreds of first responders and inspectors who saw no sign of artificial dismemberment. The only way you can overcome that evidence is to produce structural members and connectors that were cut.

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