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Comment: When shepherds were in the fields of Bethlehem

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When shepherds were in the fields of Bethlehem

Shepherds only have their sheep in the field to graze when grass is growing. I've heard some put the probable date in October, but since the Bible doesn't make a big deal of that, or any date, as Jesus' birthday, why should we?

Look at the way folks have made this, "the reason for the season", when it only started out on that date, December 25th, because Emperor Constantine wanted to, "Christianize", the pagan holiday, "Saturnalia", when he wanted to impose his brand of Christianity as the State Religion.

Don't get me wrong, I love the well wishes and general good cheer that families and friends enjoy, but look at how much grief and greed has been made a big part of this "holy" day also?

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