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"We lack the

"We lack the insight/knowledge to know the things that have been kept away from us."

Actually it is getting better. Much knowledge that was once lost has been rediscovered.

"The people who put the bible together purposely, in my opinion, left things out or deleted things out that would have made reading and understanding things better."

I have studied this extensively and I have to say there is shockingly little evidence of purposeful corruption of the Tanakh. Jeremiah does warn us about the lying scribes and I am not saying he is wrong there - but they seem to have been very conservative and very afraid to tamper, to the point where when they DID tamper they would usually do it in some cute way that could somehow appear justified or simply a mistake.

For instance, when they wanted to erase the part that tells us about Moses' descendents (one of whom was disgraced) they did NOT dare to simply erase and rewrite it. The error was introduced into the translations, yet the original text was left as is. There is a place on the scroll where the letters 'MSh' meaning 'Moshe' or Moses had a superscript, a red 'n' - this should not be pronounced, it should not be translated, it is simply a graphical reminder that we are talking about Moses here.

But what have they done? They combine the text with the superscript, producing 'MNSh' or 'Manasseh' instead. And then translate it that way.

If they had felt free to simply rewrite the offending passage, we would never know about it, but there are many cases that fit this pattern, where we can spot the corruption and reconstruct the original message.