Comment: You'all MUST read The Red

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You'all MUST read The Red

You'all MUST read The Red Amendment (TRA ~ link for purchase below) to eliminate any misunderstanding of the meaning or intent and of the 14th Amendment. From my modest research, TRA is the quintessential authority on the subject.

In my own words, the 13th Amendment abolished the private slavery in the form of involuntary servitude. The 14th Amendment instituted public (Federal) slavery in the form of voluntary servitude.

YES the 14th Amendment is for you. It is a status that you volunteer for and affirm every time you vote and contract with, or ask permission, or receive benefits from, the government known as The United States, or any of its political subdivisions known as "The State of [fill in the blank]." It is the status that places you under the direct control of Congress, and the status that makes you liable for ANY and EVERY US statutory law that Congress chooses to enact. It is the reason that Harry Read can honestly say that the Income Tax is voluntary, because you volunteered to be a 14th Amendment citizen. Any other notion about the 14th Amendment is a lie and a fraud.

The truth, however, is that you do NOT need to consent any longer. Read TRA and lern why.

God save the Peoples of America.

(Edit: "under" the direct conrol.. instead of "in" direct control..).

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