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Comment: You did read my entire comment, right? :)

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You did read my entire comment, right? :)

"Of course I'm not attacking the OP, and please don't take it as that. As you said, don't let anyone let this ruin their holiday celebrations, no matter their beliefs. One mans Santa Claus is another mans Santa Claws. One mans gifts, represent making spoiled kids shut the hell up, while another mans gifts represent THE GIFT that God sent to us. No matter what day or month He came to be, I am thankful for that, and we will celebrate it the best we know how. Love for you all."

I totally understand your post, and I was not attacking you by any means. I've been around enough to know that sooner or later the hate filled anti theist will show up to try and kill something they don't even believe in. I find it quite amusing really. It's just the usual DP nonsense. The anti theist come out in droves, especially around such special days as Christmas and Easter. Glad I have better things to do than spend time just going around fighting something I don't even believe in. I would start the anti big foot league, but sometimes I wonder about that one.