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Sure, He Layed Down His Life, BUT He Was Turned Over By

one of the the sons of Satan, Judas Iscariot, the man with the purse, the money. Judas held onto the money given by those for the poor. The followers of Christ WERE NOT SAVED. They all ran away because they feared death and were not yet ready to die. After Jesus was murdered, it was the on the day we call Pentecost that the holy spirit first appeared to those that followed Christ...Up until then non of those 12 had been truly SAVED.. Remember, it was Jesus who predicted that they would deny and fail him..

Yes, he gave himself willingly because he knew that was his destiny; to preach about all that his father revealed to him but to die so that WE all could again be reconciled with the author of all creation.

But, it was the world ruled by SATAN that crucified him and God the father, allowed it to happen but Jesus did it of his OWN FREE WILL because he knew without his sacrifice (unspotted lamb to the slaughter)

Jesus told pilate, "if this were my world (kingdom of heaven) my people would fight for me." The world was NOT of his kingdom,they did not fight for him.. The ruler of this world has been and will always be RULED by Satan until the Jesus returns again..

** NOTE: The world is not GODLY..It is UNGODLY..We are subject to the world and the rulers of this world..