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The Bible Is The WORD From God Through Inspired Men

NOT the word of God, but the word FROM God through INSPIRED MEN (The Prophets)

God reveals himself to men who are willing to listen to that quiet voiceless voice...The Ah Ha...experience...Now I see..

Let me ask you one little question friends: How do you know that you're alive?

** ANSWER: Because YOU CAN SEE that it is true, not because someone told you, or you read it in a book.. If the Bible tells you something, do you believe it because it says so or because it makes sense or you can see that it is true.

Be careful about what people say or what words in a books say. You can't always believe something just because 'IT IS WRITTEN'

What is it that tells you that something is true? The letter or the word killeth, but the spirit lives... You must temper what you read by using common sense (Wisdom from God)

Why do you think Jesus left us nothing in writing..He knew that one must live by spirit (every word that procceedith from the mouth of God..(His Spirit) Not words...

I personally believe before the first man was tempted by words (Eve) Adam lived by intuition (His inner knowing, unclouded by a sin nature)

As a result of the first temptation (Spoken Word), language and sin entered into the whole human race. We are affected and react to words. THAT'S THE HOOK! We have lost our ability, for the most part, to live by our inner knowing..

Anyway, that is how 'I SEE' it..

Merry Christmas!