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"Please can you offer one

"Please can you offer one source that states He never lived that was written closer than the three historians"

Well there is a very silly question. Of course you cannot. No one mentions him prior to Tacitus, and it's quite transparently absurd of you to expect someone to write debunking the myth *before the myth was known* now isnt it?

You can never prove that someone did not exist, you can only look for evidence that they did. If you find absolutely none, and the person in question is supposed to have done things that logically would have resulted in evidence we could find today (and certainly anyone that did half of what is attributed to him in the gospels would have) then we can be reasonably certain he did not.

The closest thing to the *proof* you claim to want here would be the internal evidence in the early Christian writings. A careful examination of the "New Testament" is certainly sufficient to prove that the orthodox tale is a fiction. If you think it is inspired and infallible think again, it's riddled with errors that G_d would never make. Two gospels, for instance, spill a great deal of ink on the 'virgin birth' based on a section of Isaiah. So far so good. But it's based on the Septuagint, the Greek targum, not from the Hebrew Tanakh, and as it happens that particular passage contains a serious mistranslation.

Huge tracts of the NT are premised on that mistranslation. So either G_d did not write it, or he is senile, cannot remember what he told Isaiah, and has to consult a *GREEK* translation to remember?

Now I may be naive at times but I am still never going to buy that second option.

As to sources, I assume you are speaking in regard to Josephus, as what I said with regard to the other two should be trivially confirmed from any source you want to look at.

On Josephus, the best link is probably the following, which is very thorough and cites many more sources for you: