Comment: Before Adam, how did the Almighty fill His time?

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Before Adam, how did the Almighty fill His time?

God has been around for greater than 13.8B years, the age of the universe. His age is as close to infinity as it gets. Prehistoric man dates back to 2.3M years, which is only the last 1.67% of the entire age of the known universe, a relative eye-blink. The arrow of time only points forward; no one can go back. Once the Big Bang occurred, that event started time moving forward. If God abides in a black hole, both time and age are rendered meaningless; He becomes both ageless and timeless. Before the Big Bang, there could have a stable singularity, which is just as easy to imagine as there being nothing at all. Something happened to destabilize the singularity.

Our sun popped into existence 4.6B years ago. 4.6B years might as well be considered as infinite as 13.8B years if anyone actually contemplates just how long a span of time that is. The sun could just as easily pop out of existence, which would make this discussion about God popping out of existence irrelevant. We will not be able to distinguish the difference between our sun popping out of existence and the Almighty popping out of existence. If earth implodes (the earth's diameter is expanding, btw), Nibiru hits us, or we annihilate ourselves, then such an ELE will be the equivalent of God popping out of existence. It won't matter.

Instead of giving us these dire warnings, these priests need to focus on both fixing themselves and their own house; they need to heed the warning of the Almighty about their preying upon the innocents:

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Footnote: Although this thread was written as humor, I could see the clergy really saying something like this. This story is not as outlandish as you believe it to be.