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Might be...

...for some.

A true spiritual being will do all they can to preserve the Light.

To be the humanitarian and try to help the masses if possible.

Were there enough spiritual beings that are concerned about thier human experience, they would stop this ELE now! Not yesterday, nor tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW!

Unfortunatly, the pessimistinc attitude and the non-concern of the masses is part of the dumbing down of the species, and a viral dis-ease. A real spiritual being is a warrior in this war against ignorance and the ELE that is about to slam everyone in the USA.

If a person is so inclined to not care about life itself, they might just want to decree all thier worldly belongs to someone that needs it, and then go jump off a cliff. Why bother living, if you are not living for the future of both yourself and more so, others!