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I don't look at the Bible as

I don't look at the Bible as relgion...I see it as a very good history/science book that people should learn from and study.

I'm interested in the historical and scientific revelations of the Bible that prove modern day mainstream history and science are bunk.

There's too much historical and empirical evidence to deny we're being lied to about so many things. Surprise, surprise. Not really. Par for the course really.

History and science yes, religion no. I've always thought of, "religion," as something to take the place of God.

Jesus didn't give us religion, he gave us life and forgiveness.

Mainstream science and history still won't admit that civilizations from thousands of years ago were more technologically advanced than we are today. That ancient knowledge has been erased from the official history and science books, because ancient knowledge is only taught to the initiates today, willing to bite the apple and sell their souls to the devil himself for the betterment of themselves and to the detriment of society as a whole.

Ancient science today is covered in mystery. It's called the occult, because their knowledge is hidden from most.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.