Comment: I don't think you know what a theory is.

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I don't think you know what a theory is.

A theory in science is the highest accomplishment possible, especially one that lasts a very long time. A theory is the best explanation of an observation. Evolution is a fact, an observed phenomenon, and Darwin's theory is the most supported and proven explanation. Just as Newtons general theory of gravity is still held as the best explanation of an observed phenomenon, the gravity you can see when you drop something. Einstein's theory of relativity redefined the mechanisms of gravity, basically giving more detail to Newton, but it confirmed Newton's theory and did not replace it.

Creationism is not a theory, it is a religious fable. Creationists cherry pick information they think helps prove their position, they don't change the story when pesky facts get in the way. Science changes when there is new information supported by experiments and evidence.

For instance, one carving of what could be 'interpreted' to be a dinosaur in one cave in North America means nothing. If there were dozens of caves, in dozens of different environments in North America, with dozens of carvings, of dozens of types of dinosaurs, then they might have a point. There would also need to be evidence in the same fossil layers, etc....

"If anyone proposes another theory it's vigorously opposed by both sides" -- No one has ever proposed a theory, that I know of, that contradicts or significantly challenges Darwin's theories of evolution. If there has been and they had any merit we would know about them. But, even if someone did propose another theory to explain evolution, that doesn't change evolution as an observed fact.

There are, however, multiple challenges to creationism which are never addressed. As in dozens of other religious fables explaining the beginning of the world. Creationist only 'investigate' the Christian story.

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