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My trust

in Linux is not misplaced. In fact Snowden himself gave similar advice to what I did. He says things like encryption and Tor do work when used correctly.

What I'm saying is the way software works, for the NSA to get it to do what they want they have to manipulate the software. With closed source software, like Windows for example, that's pretty easy. They can insert secret code which nobody will discover (actually somebody DID discover a secret NSA Windows key). With open source code the chance somebody will discover malicious code is practically guaranteed given enough time (typically less than a yr depending what it is).

I'm talking about blanket surveillance. If the NSA is after you directly, then yes if they infiltrate your bedroom and can access any of your hardware directly anything is possible, all bets are off then.

EDIT: here is a NSA article from a security expert, basically saying what I did