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Here are some facts

Here are some FACTS, not theory's.

Lucy - 1974 - DISCREDITED - Knee bone admittedly not found with the rest of bones. It was found over a MILE away and 200 feet deeper.

Ramapithecus - 1976 - DISCREDITED - Only a fragment of jaw and several teeth which turned out to be an orangutan.

Javaman - 1891 - HOAX - Gibbon monkey skull and human leg bone found 50 feet away by Eugène Dubois. Eugène confessed to hoax before dying. Admitted he also found two human skulls nearby which he had hidden in order to make his Homo Erectus fossil seem more plausible.

Piltdown Man - 1912 - HOAX - Human skull combined with orangutan jaw. The teeth were filed down to make the fossil look more human.

Neanderthal Man - 1829 on - DISCREDITED - Normal Human bones which gave a stooped over appearance later discovered to be suffering from a bone disease like rickets. They are now classified as normal humans.

Nebraska Man - 1921 - HOAX - Based off one tooth a pig.