Comment: These kind of posts are always laughable how they play out

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These kind of posts are always laughable how they play out

Ha! I'm right, you're wrong!

No! I'm right, you're wrong!

In my opinion, the "creationists" who believe the earth is only ~6,000 years old are wrong. They might very well be right about many other things, but when it's age of the Earth, in my opinion they're wrong.

Whether that's because they sincerely believe what they're saying or because it was told to them in a con - where they were tricked, therefore they have to defend & support the con regardless how ridiculously false it is - I couldn't tell you? But usually, that's how cons work. Nobody likes to admit they were wrong or tricked, especially when it isn't a joke & they themselves have promoted the con - they're invested in it.

In my opinion, the only way the "creationists" could be correct, is if we live in a simulation universe, i.e. synthetic computer program.





Of course, "creationists," i.e. overly over-religious folks, would rather believe a book written 1000s of years ago by comparatively primitive man, not God, than believe in current science by incredibly smarter man. To that I say: LOL.


"Quote some scripture for me, just for 'the hell of it'/
when it's usually metaphorical & totally irrelevant"

- RonPaulWins