Comment: All I am trying to do

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All I am trying to do

is to make people look on the other side of the coin, to dig a little, to not accept everything at face value, especially if Big Media is involved. I'm asking people to research the people behind ES and GG, who funds or puts up the seed money for organizations, charities and Foundations. Who gets funding for what, from whom. Laura Poitras for example.
It's the people behind the "personalities" who really REALLY count, and there are some nasty people behind this whole NSA saga, simply because there is a struggle going on for control of, not only the internet, but the populace.
I know you wont read this, or will find a way of shooting the messenger, instead of researching the message, but this well written, well researched article goes someway to explain many of the reasons of why I doubt the ES GG "story".
I'm not asking people to "change-their-minds"…just to keep an open one, to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, we are being played like a finely tuned fiddle.