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To believe that life came from non-life is irrational

It is neither evil nor stupid, just irrational.

Random atomic collisions do not lead to self-replicating life no matter how many billions of years one gives the Flying Probability Monster to wave his Magic Wand and make it happen. The chemically impossible does not become possible over time.

The information encoded in our DNA is separate and distinct from the molecules that carry it. Information does not arise by itself no matter the number of eons. It is irrational to believe that information just happens on its own.

There are no examples of life arising from non-life. There are no examples of information creating itself. Why should I believe a theory that amounts to no more than wishful thinking when nobody can provide a single example of these most basic requirements for evolution?

I refuse to be irrational. Emperor Evolution is naked.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father