Comment: I think it's a good idea, BUT

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I think it's a good idea, BUT

I live in Detroit, and it has certainly been improving incredibly fast. It's a great place for creative, young, free-minded people to live and work. There are so many great opportunities for entrepreneurs and artists.

That said, I believe it is wrong, and anti-libertarian to purchase property and allow it to sit idle for an extended period of time -- even if the law permits it. If you are not going to be mixing your labor with the property, then you should have no ownership claim over it. It's also not fair to the people who live near these plots of land that sit vacant while someone in a distant location waits to profit.

By all means, by some land and do something with it. Plant crops on it, build a house and sell it, etc. Move to the city. I'm always glad to see more freedom-loving people moving to Detroit. But please don't exploit the people of Detroit anymore than the politicians already have. I wish you well.