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There's no Going Back from Libertarianism

Yes, there's no going back. Once you believe that groups of people forming a government don't have any rights that individuals don't have, you don't ever go back and say, "wait a minute, sometimes it's okay for government to murder people." I suppose you might, under torture, wish the government would murder the people who tortured you, but, then, it wouldn't be murder if they were using torture.

The Libertarian Party welcomes minorities of all kinds. We consider minorities of one to be our core constituency and of highest importance--minorities of one are who we defend. This includes conspiracy theorists, too, but if there ever was a political party who could not be judged by a single member, it's the LP. Someone could easily (and many have) abandon the LP, but you're absolutely correct that if they have discovered the truth of libertarianism, they don't ever give that up. This writer probably got confused between the Party and the philosophy, and never really understood either.

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