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Comment: Consumers Rule

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Consumers Rule

I love it that consumers outnumber voters, and can have more clout. I sometimes think it is more effective to lobby one's suppliers than one's representatives.

Certainly, when it comes to my health and wellbeing, we can change things much faster as consumers working together, than as voters, for the simple reason that most suppliers don't have the option of extortion.

If only consumer groups would stop there, and not insist on changing laws to mandate what suppliers can offer consumers by force.

I love the internet, and regularly ask my favorite restaurants to offer no GMO or corn syrup options, etc. It would be so much better for a chain store to be silent on guns than to take sides.

My chiropractor once pointed out that he pays much less for malpractice insurance than MD's do. Think about that. I wonder whether a gun-ban raises or lowers one's liability insurance?

What do you think?