Comment: One of the stupidest articles in recent memory....

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One of the stupidest articles in recent memory....

I love this part: “Bring in the clowns,” she said, and smiled before I lost her in the mass of people.

I will never forget that moment: Bring in the clowns. At the time, I considered myself a thoughtful person, yet I could hardly claim to be one if you judged me by the company I kept. The young lady knew something I had not yet learned: most of our supporters were totally ***** nuts.

So this guy an an epiphany that "most of our supporters were totally nuts" based on a comment by somebody he didn't even know. What a moron. Anybody who has been a part of this movement for more than 20 minutes realizes that there are more thoughtful, intelligent, coherent, and articulate people in this group than anywhere else you could name.

So he decides that because we're so totally nuts, he decides to be come a LIBERAL? Talk about nuts! How nutty are these people that they think total surveillance and a police state is the way to go? Or that the Federal government getting their fingers into every aspect of our lives is sane? THOSE are the nutty ones. The guy was so insecure and unsure of himself that he let an offhand comment by a complete stranger shame him into joining the "sane majority" even though they are the insane ones. Shame on that guy. He should reexamine his own motivations.