Comment: History is written by the victors

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History is written by the victors

The Left hype McCarthyism because they were its targets. Out of those 1950's battles over free speech rose just another form of tyranny. Right ring censorship was replaced by the Left wing censorship that freely-speaking Americans (e.g., Phil Robertson) face today. Of course, we at the DP know that both parties are statist, so if statist censorship prevails long enough then Snowden will not make the history books.

However, I am optimistic that mass, establishment media will continue to lose market share to niche, free-access media, and Snowden's heroism will live on in many folks' own version of history. There may not be 'official' versions of history again for a long time!

"Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan, 1981 Inaugural Address