Comment: I understood what you said.

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I understood what you said.

and I realise ES has Ben Wizner as his legal advisor in the states, (who is paying for all the legal services?)
but I was referring to the fact that ES's Russian lawyer is KGB, and KGB is not good…ever.
Just for arguments sake, ES, no matter how you look at it, stole from his employer. he too broke the law.
And what have the consequences been? Face book is alive and well, people are still queuing for the latest smart technology ,the NSA is still collecting and storing data on US citizens, and everything is still business as usual. The only thing that the NSA revelations has done, has been to harm the USA's diplomatic relationships with other countries, and that is all bad, bad for the US and her citizens.
ES, when he worked for both the CIA and NSA most very likely had contractual "oaths" that he made to his employers, and he broke those by stealing from them.
You can't have it both ways, theft is theft
Ben Wizner seems to use Democracy Now as his platform, and as we know, Democracy now, is very left wing, progressive.
Why does everything surrounding ES and GG point to the Left? And that is the piece of the puzzle that worries me.