Comment: Israel needs to stop following the UN...

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Israel needs to stop following the UN...

Someone needs to tell the people who are strung along for this war, that end results of these actions will be Israel gets destroyed.

Does Israel wish to commit suicide?

Note: I find it very pertinent and vital, that anyone who is for freedom not make carte-blanch statements that blame all Israel. It isn't everyone there, it is simply Jerusalem.

Now, be aware I'm not absolving anyone. In fact anyone living among that land of Israel today is corrupt and foolish, and certainly complicit for being near outright dictators. They should get out of the Israeli Knesset region immediately, not live under the butchers that are the U.N. and her cohorts who desire Greater Israel.

Those living round about that region though, from all nations, don't even know what has transpired in Jerusalem. They must know the truth and flee for the mountains, for otherwise Israel shall be destroyed and all national citizens.

Heed God's words. Find refuge today!