Comment: One thing that distinguishes libertarians

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One thing that distinguishes libertarians

is that they tend not to think they are, or should be, whatever label they happen to be associated with at the time.

Until they find libertarianism they may switch back and forth between parties trying to find the fit with their growing understanding of morality, economics, and principles.

If Christians they tend to be thoughtful, not dogmatic Christians. They may switch affiliation to find the best fit with their growing understanding of morality, economics, and principles.

A person who will speak against the group, even one they associate with, on principle is one likely to become a libertarian. If the group is in error, the truly most caring and loyal thing to do is try to correct the error. But if it cannot be corrected, the principled thing is to cease the association.

But too many people think that their 'team' is them, and they are their 'team', they think the perceived successes of their team somehow accrues to them and they must defend the mischief of their team else somehow the resultant opprobrium applies to them as well.

I think this is why they socialize the cost of professional sports, and subsidize it with tax money so much. It trains people to think this way. Well think is not right, it trains them to feel this way, no thinking is involved.

We are training the humanity out of people.

Without the ability to make moral judgement on the merits humans are indeed just hairless apes.

If you can't reason with someone because they feel they are on another 'team' and will always oppose you, at an emotional and sub-rational level what are you faced with ultimately, but a feral animal?