Comment: And here's why we should end the Fed and replace it with none

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And here's why we should end the Fed and replace it with none
"In three days, Scotia Mocatta transferred 1.8 million oz of silver from its registered inventories to JP Morgan’s eligible inventories. Furthermore, a total of 2.7 million oz of silver were withdrawn from the Comex (net of transfers) and Scotia Mocatta saw its registered silver inventories decline nearly 20%.

The real question is… what’s going on here. Could this be just a typical transfer of metal from one bank to another? Or could it be that an individual or party has transferred their silver from Canada to the U.S.? Those are all probable answers.

For example, we just learned of new govt. probe into Goldman and JP Morgan’s warehouse industry via ZeroHedge:

"Following our initial uncovering of the manipulation and monopolization of the metals warehousing business two years ago, the last few days have seen the public’s attention grabbed by the reality of what the banks are actually doing. Following this week’s hearing, as the Fed reconsiders banks roles in non-banking businesses (and the ‘societal benefit’), it seems the CFTC has woken up. As the WSJ reports, the Department of Justice has opened an initial probe into the metals warehousing industry and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has also sent letters to some firms telling them to preserve documents, in what is likely the beginning stages of an investigation."

The markets are rigged to start with. Abolish legal tender law it all disappears.

Getting rid of it all allows for no more stock fraud, trades fraud and spreads that hold no value. Credit securities disappear.

It also forces the US Treasury to come clean and coin currency not through only the Federal Government, but through transparent and open trade among the several states. It actually makes it a state issue.

By decentralizing the currency, it allows all states freedom to trade/exchange with no center. Every state can then be whole unto itself, through individual banks. Without ever borrowing at interest, from a central bank. BRICS allows all states to raise their own capital.