Comment: This is an attack.

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This is an attack.

This piece was generated by a hardcore Collectivist, probably in affiliation with a Socialist/Communist organization like Media matters or the Democratic Party. It is intended to keep the Libertarian philosophy in the "crazy" section of the general public's mind.
By putting it on the DP it is intended to kill moral. In short, it is a poorly disguised attack masquerading as some kind of thoughtful reflection on philosophy.
I intend to use it in the other direction.
I have many Neoconservative friends/associates who become very indignant when referred to as Collectivists. They like to use many of these same arguments against Libertarians. I can't wait to show them this piece and question them as to how they feel about their political teammates.
I think the the best indication as to the growing popularity of Libertarians is this frenzied lashing out at us by both major political parties.