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This should be sub-filed under "humor".

The mass of young ex-Paul supporters out there, and specifically those who frequent this site - those who see the "Paul" movement as a gimmicky alternative flavor to their Liberal dogma, who are eagerly awaiting to vote Hillary as subjects of collective-control just to see their first woman president or to see the tired dogma of the conservative past finally laid to rest under a new and invincible Clinton - aren't literally fighting for their online games, poetry or polyglot praises. Those are personal pass-times with their own collectives. This is an ontological philosophy we're fighting for here. This growing collective thinks that guns are bad because violence is bad, capitalism is bad because corporations are bad, individual analysis and logic are bad because breaking social-contract is bad, and that moral code and religion are just an old restraint that has no social relevance today because the well-policed general consensus always prevails. Even if the "hope and change" they got in '12 was nothing more than a new face, Bush is still their only political enemy. All God-fearing conservatives are no different. "Right-wingers" are losing perspective as both sides of Janus are appearing at once, but the bastion of truth that this movement is supposed to represent to them is often slanted against their beliefs without the logic that brought them here. We forget that the Daily Paul is a political website, and that at the end of the day what goes on here should ultimately be in support of what the US Constitution has outlined - not what we think is cool.

More importantly, this growing collective believes that the government should be above the people in law because of its power, allowed to hide in the shadows, doling out goods and services on an unlimited open tab, enforcing popular morals and personal habits, and allowed to stand unaccountably backed by popular demand. The individuals within this collective have already patterned their personal characters after a celebrity - it is far too easy to simply hand over their nation and physical person to one again and again, when everyone else agrees with the unavoidable nature of that decision. This is the real fight that the DP has a responsibility to continue.

Collectives are a staple of life, and they grow when individuals find personal resonance within their ideologies. But collective-control forces that resonance onto individuals until they have no choice but to accept and conform.