Comment: Neocon/Zionist is really just the definition of Hamiltonian

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Neocon/Zionist is really just the definition of Hamiltonian

You could just call them Hamiltonians, after the very first purveyor of central government became a household name. History shows this.

Alexander Levin Hamilton was one of the most deceptive, and power grabbing globalists of the entire era. His creed, believed more central control means you will have no mistakes. He fashioned people to accept taking away more and more rights, for the benefit of greater empire. And now you know why the masses were so enamored with his perfect vision of freedom, when even Jefferson himself said Hamilton cannot be trusted.

Hamilton was in love with his own force and power, and like most unawake slaves they have no sort of idea about the roots of their beliefs. They just voluntarily do as he did, believe that the larger the power and more the force: the more society prospers due to the built-in ideal of servitude.

You are put here to serve government, not to allow government to serve you. So Alexander Hamilton won, because so many did not believe freedom can not be coerced. It can only be chosen. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of them, understood the Hamiltonian way of life was a recipe for utter chaos.

Jefferson opposed Hamilton and all the rest, vigorously, yet the Railroad company which paid Hamilton only expanded. After the exploitation of the trading with outside enemies treaty, Hamilton was finally defeated and Jefferson threw him out by re-writing everything. Hamilton's Constitution was a total deception.