Comment: There is no counseling that takes place at the VA hospital..

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There is no counseling that takes place at the VA hospital..

that is in my area. I assume it is pretty much a standard thing everywhere. For one thing there is a shortage of appointments available for vets, and on the other hand, the psychologists really don't want to hear uncomfortable stories. They have magic pills to hand out. I think the idea of a warrior getting emotional, alone in a room with them, scares them to death. They just want to keep you calm and push you through.

I have no idea how the doctors rationalize away a link between antidepressants and suicide. They hand those out all day, they have to know.

As far as one event or source of information that woke me up...I would say that realizing how much repeated propaganda is involved in getting people in the military to believe they are valued, followed by how obviously little they care when they are done with them. Also with 9/11 it was 3 buildings falling because of 2 planes that really made me question it. It is amazing how so many don't know another building besides the towers went down that day. I don't know what happened that day, but I can see an official narrative being defended, and questions being taboo. Ron Paul was also the first politician that I ever heard that sounded like an honest man.