Comment: I'm in the pit of vipers

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I'm in the pit of vipers

Seattle. This city recently elected its first openly socialist city council member who ran on the slogan"tax the rich!" What's ironic is that she's a professor of economics! Yet she promotes 15 dollar minimum wage, rent control, higher fuel tax, 1.5% annual vehicle ownership tax (own a $30k car? She wants you to give her $450 a year for the luxury of owning it on top of the annual $200 registration fees) millionaires to pay for all public transit, force Starbucks and Amazon to unionize, instant amnesty and financial support for all illegals and assumes like the rest of the collectivist idgits in this city that there won't be any repercussions! To her supporters I'd ask the same thing "why $15 an hour, why not 30 50 or 100 dollars?" I also told them to say goodbye to the handicapped greeters at home depot and the teenagers that would have gained useful work experience and cheap food for the WORKING poor. My wife and I are feverishly plotting our escape.